Are you hoping Uneven Floor might publish your poetry?

Of course you are. Uneven Floor has a growing international readership. It's indexed by the AustLit database and archived by the National Library of Australia. Every poem we publish gets an individual mention on Twitter and Facebook and will appear individually in Google searches. Your poem will remain online indefinitely and will from time to time appear in the Random Poems on our front page.

We publish both unpublished and previously published poems. We are interested in all genres of poetry other than horror, porn (as opposed to erotica) and religious preaching. We publish poems in text, video (best to send a link), audio or image format. If you send audio or video we'd like to have the text too, but it isn't essential. But before you get too excited...

  • Do you read, view or listen to poetry written in the past 30 years? If not, please don't send us your work just yet. Go to an independent bookshop instead. Go to the library. Go to poetry readings and festivals. Check out some contemporary poetry online. Follow the links in our sidebar. Keep reading Uneven Floor. And keep writing.
  • Read (or view or listen to) at least ten of the poems on Uneven Floor to see whether you enjoy them, and to see the standard of writing we're looking for. We want well-written, fresh, original poetry with soul, with X-factor.
  • Have you written about writing, being a writer, or the lives of writers? If so, please don't send the poem to Uneven Floor. There are plenty of other journals publishing an excellent range of writing about writing: try your luck with them instead.
  • As you'll see when you read the poems on Uneven Floor, we welcome well-written submissions from any country and from published and unpublished poets; however we particularly want to publish poets from Western Australia, and poets from elsewhere who are writing strongly but are not yet well-known.
  • We sometimes make minor edits, such as correcting misspellings and typos. We want your poem to look its best. But don't worry, we're not going to change your words or mess with your line endings. And if we get something wrong we'll be happy to fix it.
  • Uneven Floor is a private voluntary concern, edited as time and energy permit. Like most journals, we are not able to pay for poems.

Still here?

Great. We might be interested. Please read the rest of this page before you send us anything.

Legal stuff

By submitting a poem to Uneven Floor, you warrant that it is your own original work. If the poem is unpublished you agree that if we publish it we take First Electronic Rights to it. If your poem is republished elsewhere, Uneven Floor must be credited as its first publisher. (It's courteous to wait 4-6 months before republishing.) You retain the copyright to your poem. Please note that ‘published’ means made publicly available in any print or electronic form, including personal blogs, social media pages or poetry workshopping sites.

How to send poems

  • If you've sent poems to us before, please don't send more until either we have replied, or three months have passed. And please start a new conversation, rather than hitting Reply.
  • Send your name or pen-name, your state or country, and up to three of your poems to the editorial address given at the end of this page. Paper submissions are welcome too, should you happen to run into the Editor at a reading.
  • If you have one, please send us a link to your website, blog, social media presence, or publisher's website, so that readers can check out your other work and send you fan mail.
  • If your poem is previously published — by yourself or by someone else — please send us the date of publication, and the publisher's web address or contact details so we can credit and link them.
  • No simultaneous submissions: please don't send poems that are also under consideration by other publishers. Sorry, but it's just too much bother.
  • Put the poems in the message body, send links to them, or attach them (one attachment for each poem is easiest for us).
  • For the subject line please use ‘Poems from YOUR NAME for Uneven Floor’. (Replace YOUR NAME with your name, obviously.)
  • Please don't centre your poem or use non-standard formatting or fonts — unless this is vital to your poem's aesthetic, in which case please tell us.
  • There is no need to include a bio or list of achievements.
If we publish your work we will email you. Of course! That way you can share the page to all your friends!

We do our best to reply, but if you haven't heard back from us after three months, please assume that we can't use your poems, perhaps because we have too many poems already.

The editorial address is unevenfloor at gmail dot com. If you skipped down to here, please go back and read the whole page.

Jackson (Founding Editor)

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